Kitchen Equipments
Restaurant & Commercial Kitchen Design

RIJIRA specialized in commercial kitchen design. Experienced personals
provide the right design to meet your needs. We carefully select and supply
kitchen, restaurant and bar equipments with best after sales service.
Products range (ready-made and custom-built)   
We supply commercial kitchens with high standard quality and after sales service.
  • Food preparation – Blender, Mixer, Cutter, Vegetable Preparation
  • Cooking - Ranges, Fry-tops, Charcoals, Boiling Pans, Tilting Bratt Pans, Bain-Maries...
  • Ovens - Combi Steamer Ovens, Convection Ovens, Microwave Oven.
  • Snack - Deep fryer, food warmer
  • Rice cooker
  • Toaster
  • Coffee machine, coffee grinder
  • Juice extractor, Juice dispenser
  • Commercial refrigeration - Snack and GN Counters and Cabinets, Display Counters and
  • Freezer, refrigerator, cold room, blast chiller
  • Ice machine
  • Bakery & Pizza – spiral mixer, planetary mixer, dough divider, dough sheeter, oven
  • Dish washing - Glass washers, Front loading and Pass-through dishwashers, Conveyors
  • Vacuum machine, packaging

Our manufacturing partner provides stainless steel bench-work and sinks, exhaust canopies,
custom built refrigerated units, front counters, hot and cold food displays and custom built furniture.
Restaurant equipment installation
All restaurant equipments and related systems i.e. gas distribution, ventilation & exhausting, water supply
are coordinated and installed on-site by experienced team to achieve high standards of workmanship and
quality control.
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Tel +66-76-221013 or 4
RIJIRA ...ริจิรา...
Food preparation
Juice m/c
Blast Chiller,
Refrigerator, Ice m/c
Washing m/c
Vacuum m/c
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